3 reasons why you need a house plant

In the modern world we live in today, we rush throughout the day to get our early morning coffee, hop on the daily transit and get to work in time to sit there for hours upon the day. We forget the subtle things that can improve our health and happiness other than looking through social media or playing video games all day. Lets step out of our daily debacle and into the world of nature. These are the top 3 reasons why you need a plant in your life.

Plants may be good for your health

Plants have proven recently that they are linked to many health benefits. These benefits consist of better sleep, air purification, fighting common illnesses and improving mental health. There are many more health benefits of owning a house plant other than these. House plants might not be the solution to that summer body but they are great to still keep around.

Plants are great for decor

Whether you just got a new apartment or just want to make your living space look more alive, acquiring a new house plant is a great option. House plants can add a sense of color as well as a sense of space in an empty room. Their presence will make a room go from sad and empty to alive with drive. However this depends on the type of plant you are considering for your specific room. If you have a smaller, crowded room shoot for a smaller plant but if you have a room with more space than you can handle, try to find the most useful way to fill it up with a bigger plant or maybe a couple plants. The more, the better!

They Inspire Creativity

Plants have the ability to help inspire creativity. Whether you’re geared to start that new book or learn a new skill, it’s always good to have a plant around. There are many plants to pick from but the most important thing to consider is finding the perfect one for yourself. Explore the world of house plants and spark your flora imagination!

Photo by Nathan Dumlao

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