What’s Next for 2020?

The start of this 2020 year has been one of the most profound happenings of my lifetime. So many unexpected things have happened within the past few months and it’s so hard to grasp the reality of the subject. Globally, we’ve endured the unexpected. Currently the U.S leads in coronavirus cases with up to 2.23 million. However, the world as a whole has up to 8 million cases of coronavirus. With the opening of resturants and stores all around, there is a built-in anxiety of a second wave. If something such as a second wave were to happen, it is very likely that it will be much more powerful than the first. We’ve all seen how areas such as New York, Italy and brazil have been heavily impacted by the virus and thus proves that we aren’t ready for another impactful incident.

Small businesses struggled and unemployment had been at one of its highest points. And all the anger that had been built up over the few months of quarantine was finally released in the riots viewed all over the world due to no justice in police brutality. It may seem this was the last drop of gasoline to the fire started in 2020 but maybe it was the first step to smothering it.

To be honest, the riots were some of the most disheartening things I have ever experienced in my life. It was even more so when I acknowledge my own hometown city had organized riots from their peaceful protests. Even though it was hard to watch at the time, it was also very eye opening. It showed that throughout our nation and the world so many people have experienced the same situations. What made it even more eye opening was that the protest consisted of many difference races and cultures because in this day and age people aren’t as hesitant to acknowledge racial injustice as compared to years ago. Personally, this shows that our world is accepting cultural changes and at least moving in a somewhat positive direction.

It is true that the start of this year has been a rough one. However, this doesn’t mean that we can’t turn it around. It is necessary for us to focus on the positive aspects of this difficult time. For example, we are now on the brink of opening businesses to the public, continuing education and even the possibility of major league sports returning to action. Also, it’s been a warm surprise to see how many people are actually taking safety precautions to their health as well as others by wearing masks in public. This year has started off with a bad start but we are the ones that can change it’s final outcome.

Photo By Brian McGowan

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