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5 Reasons Why Goal-Setting is Important


There are many reasons why setting a goal is important. It could range from running more than usual or just cooking a new dish. Every goal varies in it’s difficulty but it is important to find the best way to accomplish your goals. Out of all the reasons to set goals I’ve listed 5 ideal reasons why it is important to set goals.

Resistence to Failure

The beauty of setting a goal to achieve is that it’ll give you the ability to become more resistant to failure. For example, if you were to never set a goal to achieve that special project that you’ve been looking forward to completing or challenge yourself to try something new, you’ll never know what it will feel like to learn from failures of that specific goal. The great thing about failure is that you can always learn something new from it in order to boost future outcomes.

Measuring Personal Progress

Setting a goal for yourself is a great way to measure your personal progress. In today’s modern society, it is ideal to get caught up in comparing ourselves with the success of many celebrities, professional athletes and music stars our age. While their success may look immeasurable now, we really don’t take into consideration how much hardwork it probably took for many of the famous to be at the height of their careers today. The most important thing is to focus on measuring your personal progress now compared to the past. Focus on how you can get better as an individual and how you can push yourself past your previous limits. It is important that you measure where you were and where you need to be in the future. No one else but you.

Helps to Overcome Procrastination

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Procrastination is one of the hardest things to handle why you’re just not in the mood to complete something at the moment. Most of us suffer from some sort of procrastination in our daily lives. Whether it’s not having the ambition to start a new task or learn a new skill, we all have used procrastination at least once or twice to stop us from completing something. This is why setting a specific goal is so important. By setting a specific goal with a “due date” you are more likely to accomplish that goal in the set time. Also, it is important to use time as an ally and not an enemy. When you find the right due date, set specific days and times of the day to work or the task solely. Then you won’t be in a hunch to try finishing it all at the last minute or end up forgetting about it completely.

Guides a Planned Path

Much like overcoming procrastination, setting a personal goal for yourself helps organize your plan to take action. When you have an organized path for yourself there should be no excuses. Having a planned path gives you the ability to execute your goal because you know what you want and it’s specific rather than broad.

Gives Confidence

Setting a goal is one thing but accomplishing or even coming close to your goal will give you a sense of confidence. It’ll defeat the purpose of fearing failure or not being able to accomplish what you set. It may give you a sense of setting even more goals to accomplish in the future after realizing how anything can be accomplished by using the right tools and strategies to get the job done.

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