Netflix Picks: 5 Great Originals on Netflix

We all know that Netflix is running the “show” so far along with Hulu tight on Netflix’s heels. Netflix is great because it’s able to provide both great movies and tv shows. But the best part is that Netflix also creates outstanding originals. There are many Netflix originals to pick from but today we will be discussing 5 great Netflix originals. Sit back, relax and let’s get the “show” on the road.

Da 5 Bloods

If you’re into action movies with a side of humor, this movie is great for your palate. Da 5 Bloods is packed with action, a great storyline and comedy sprinkled in that you will actually laugh at. Da 5 Bloods stars Black Panther lead role, Chadwick Boseman, as well as many well known actors such as Delroy Lindo, Johnathan Majors and Clark Peters who all had outstanding performances. The movie is based off a group of ex-militia soldiers traveling back to Vietnam to dig up something from their past. However, there are many more secrets that rumble upon their path. This film will truly leave you on the edge of your seat.


If you’re into the whole thriller scene look no further. From an outside perspective, the main character, Joe Goldberg, seems like a innocent honest guy. But in reality he may be one of the few you’d want to keep a distance from, more life 10 feet. This film will make you question if there are people out in our society today that can cloak themselves as good as this guy. This isn’t just a thriller, it’s a psychological thriller that’ll keep you thinking and guessing because each and every time you think something is going to happen, the total opposite comes out of nowhere. Feel free to check out this TV show but don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Stranger Things

I’ll just flat out say it. If you haven’t heard of “Stranger Things” yet, you might be living under a rock or previously downloaded Netflix for the first time. This show is by far one of the best releases on Netflix. Stranger Things is packed with great, “under-the-radar” actors that have now made a name for themselves. If you’re into the whole 80’s horror vibe and haven’t stubbled up Stranger Things yet, please take some time to plan out your next binge for this series.


Mindhunter is a great horror series on Netflix composed of scenes that may make you want to watch it during the daytime rather than at night because it’s based on true events. The show focuses on learning the different tactics from previous murderers to prevent it from happening in the future. No one can really configure the thought process of someone that has been in the act other than those that have experienced it. Hence the reason why these detectives search after some of the most ruthless murderers to find ways to stop future cases before they even happen. This series will probably leave you speechless after knowing that literally all of the events perfectly align with what happened in real life. Even down to the script.


One of the best crime drama series on Netflix has to be Ozark. If you haven’t seen this show yet, you’re in for a treat. Ozark is about a financial planner, Marty, who moves his family from Chicago, Il to the city of Ozark in Missouri. This happens because of recent unfortunate circumstances that happened in Chicago. The show Ozark is filled with suspenseful moments that’ll have you not know what to think next. The show is built around a great cast so the acting doesn’t even look like acting, just plain emotion and improvisation. Be sure to add this series to your watch list.

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