4 Reasons why you Should Go Vegan

First off, What is Veganism? Being vegan is a way of life by abstaining from the consumption and use of animal products. This includes animal products (chicken, dairy, beef, fish,etc.) as well as the use of honey products. About right now you’re probably questioning if veganism is practical or nearly impossible. However, it may just be more possible to be vegan nowadays than to not be. Stay tuned as I will present to you 4 reasons why you should go vegan.

Improve Current Health Conditions

Converting to a vegan diet has been proven to show improvements in health conditions including heart disease and cancer. By eating a vegan diet, many are able to reverse their conditions and live a healthy, better life. Also, it’s so much more ideal to eat a healthier diet than eating bad and consuming health pills daily.

Stay Healthy Easily

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There’s a reason why that gut you’ve been trying to lose never burns off, it may be linked to eating meat. According to vrg.org, the average man needs around 70 grams of protein daily and the average woman needs around 52 grams of protein daily. Protein is in literally everything. So eating a big steak without being active may not be the best thing. Too much protein can lead to fat stored in places that you’d rather not have it stored in. All in all, a vegan diet makes it much easier to keep yourself at a consistently healthy weight.

Eat Cleaner

Even though meat is very reliable in a survivor-like situation, the world’s current condition of how meat is prepared for the average consumer may not be the healthiest. You’ve probably seen or heard the rumors about what goes into certain foods and how popular fast food companies prepare their foods with so many additives. The meat products made today can have very dangerous effects in the future. For example, it has been proven that processed meats have a high effect of causing cancer. With eating a vegan diet, the consumer actually knows what is going into their food and they can actually pronounce the ingredients list. This likely results in a cleaner body and mind for now and the future.

Be the 1 %

It’s hard to be the change that you want to see but doing so many ends up being the best decision you’ve ever made in your life. Media has a huge effect on how we make decisions every day and we tend to follow what the average guy or girl is doing (the 99%). It’s time to break the current stigma that to be vegan you have to be a tree hugger or eat salads every day. It’s not like that. So many restaurants are now offering vegan alternatives and many of the well-known meat and dairy producers are starting to struggle knowing that their businesses aren’t sustainable for the future. So I ask you to decide on your own. Do some more personal research and broaden your horizon. Be informed and be happy!

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