7 Ways to Enjoy Summer Through Covid-19

The whole Covid-19 pandemic has changed our world upside down. There’s been a lot that many families and friends have had to go through. The start of this 2020 year was grim but it is our choice to change it around. Even though we are following new guidelines and have social distancing in place, there are many things that you can still do to enjoy your summer. Here are 7 ways to enjoy summer through COVID-19.

Learn a new skill

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This is a great time to learn that new skill you’ve been trying to get to. There are many skills to learn from and a couple are listed down below.

  • New language
  • Playing an instrument
  • Gardening
  • Drawing

Cook a new Dish

Due to Covid-19, you may be working from home or have more time on your hands so it is a great time to learn some new dishes. Adventure out of your normal meal-making skills and start to make some new dishes. Whether it’s from a different culture or just something you’ve always dreamed of making, venture out, and do it!

Go Camping

Camping is a great way to get your mind off of the normal process and relax in a calm space. Be sure to bring all the essentials (tent, food, games), especially the s’mores.

Start an exercise habit

Photo by Andrea Leopardi

Now is a great time to start getting into that exercise habit you’ve been procrastinating. Start slow and build your way up. Go on a casual walk or run every other and pair that exercise habit with a well-balanced diet. Sooner than later your exercise habit will be something you’ll be looking forward to.

Finish House/Apartment Projects

Have you been putting off a specific project in your house or apartment? Well now is a great time to knock out those projects one-by-one. Even though social distancing is enforced in most stores, you should be able to find the right supplies to get the job done. Maybe it’s a leaky faucet or adding more decor to your living room. Spend this time-wise to complete as much as needed.

Visit a drive-in movie

Since you probably can’t visit an actual movie theater, you can always visit a drive-in movie theater. These theaters are already designed to enforce social distancing because everyone is mostly in their vehicles.

Do some cleaning

There is never a bad time to do some cleaning. Whether it’s late spring cleaning or just getting useless clutter out of your way, this is a great way to keep yourself busy. You never know, you may find that thing you’ve been looking for or a couple of spare coins along the way.

Photo by Jessica Ruscello

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