Lifestyle Tips

  • 7 Ways to Enjoy Summer Through Covid-19
    The whole Covid-19 pandemic has changed our world upside down. There’s been a lot that many families and friends have had to go through. The start of this 2020 year was grim but it is our choice to change it around. Even though we are following new guidelines and have social distancing in place, there […]
  • 10 Things the Rich Do Others Don’t
    There are flashy-rich and there are quiet-rich. Some are popular celebrities and athletes and some are the one-hit millionaires born from a flaunty tech business. They are all made up of different people but they all have something in common. They follow 10 principles. These are 10 things the rich do that others don’t. Wake […]
  • 3 reasons why you need a house plant
    In the modern world we live in today, we rush throughout the day to get our early morning coffee, hop on the daily transit and get to work in time to sit there for hours upon the day. We forget the subtle things that can improve our health and happiness other than looking through social […]
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